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The Thailand Zoos – Nature’s Beautiful Treat

Khao Kheow Open Zoo

Thailand Zoos There is something magical about the wilderness.  Zoo visits in Thailand is clearly one of the exciting places that exceeds the spirit of tourist attractions in Thailand. People from across the world prefer Bangkok for many other reasons such as shopping and also to taste the lip-smacking  delicacies of Thai food, however if you plan to visit Thailand, make sure you drop by and visit any of their local Zoos. It would be one of the best thing, you would ever experience. Just imagine Read more [...]

Wild Boar

Wild Boar

Wild Boar Facts Adult males are usually solitary outside of the breeding season, but females and their offspring live in groups called sounders. Wild boar are situationally crepuscular or nocturnal, foraging in early morning and late afternoon or at night, but resting for periods during both night and day. If surprised or cornered, a boar can and will defend itself and its young with intense vigor. The male lowers its head, charges, and then slashes upward with his tusks. The female, whose tusks Read more [...]

White Tigers (Bengal Tiger)

Bengal Tiger

White Tigers are very rarely found in the wild. In about 100 years only 12 white tigers have been seen in the wild in India. They are almost extinct and most of the ones living are in captivity, mostly in zoos. This specific tiger is neither an albino nor a separate subspecies of the tiger. They are beautifully white colored and have black stripes. It has blue eyes and a pink nose. It also has white colored fur. The striking white coat is caused by a double recessive allele in the genetic code, and Read more [...]