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Bengal Tiger: Save – The Dying Beauty


Bengal Tiger Facts A reddish orange carnivore (i.e. consumes meat) cat, hunts prey biting on their neck and this makes them weak in just one quick shot. Bengal Tigers can be as large as 3 meter long and their tail length may go up to 3 feet, weighs round about 200 Kg. Bengal Cat is large animal with narrow black, grey and brown stripes on their body. The underside of this beautiful animal is white and slightly creamy. Bengal Tigers have charming icy blue eyes look scary, when tigers are hungry. Preferable Read more [...]

Reticulated Python – The Striped King

Reticulated Python

Python Facts This magical snake gets name from its hypnotizing colors and pattern of its scales. Its name has been coined as per the intersecting lines across python’s body. Reticulated Python can be found in Southeast Asia i.e. Myanmar and India. This snake goes by the name, ‘Regal Python’ wherein ‘regal’ means the king. With its long size, Reticulated Python is considered as world’s longest snake. They are thin and not too heavy. Large female spices of reticulated pythons have Read more [...]

Puma/Cougar: Silent Hunter

Puma Cougar

Puma-Cougar This breed of cat is known by several names such as Puma, Mountain cat, Mountain Lion, Catamount or Panther. Its name varies from places. This slender heavy cat is capable of surprising any size of species. Puma loves hunting down prey and they are extremely quick on their feet, when need arises. Males are bigger than females. Pumas are nocturnal prefer activities at dusk and dawn. Mostly during limited daytime. They don’t roar, but have other vocal capacities, and both sexes have Read more [...]

African Serval: Fearless Cat from Africa

African Serval

African Servals are medium sized cat weighing 35 lbs approx. and with golden coats having bold black rosettes. They have beautiful long ears and lean legs. Servals are categorized as an animal whose population is lesser, compared to other cats hence the name ‘lesser cat’. It’s highly recommended that Servals must not be mixed along with bigger cats; even though they have appearance that is similar to Cheetah, they’re distinctively different from that species. You can differentiate between Read more [...]

Binturong: Furry Beauty


Binturong Fact Binturong has several names such as Arctictis binturong, Asian Bearcat, the Palawan Bearcat, or just the Bearcat. These species come from Viverridae family which includes Mongooses, Fossa, civets and genets. Binturong is considered as solitary and nocturnal animal. Earlier Binturongs were found easily in thick jungles but unfortunately now it’s rare find. Binturongs are heavy and large animals with furry skin and color wise they are either black, brown and grey. They have scent Read more [...]

Happy New Year 2012: Khao Kheow Zoo (Best Zoo in Bangkok)

Khao Kheow Zoo

Warm Wishes, We are privileged to invite, all of you wildlife adventurer, to the best zoo in Bangkok, so get ready to have an ecstatic time of your life, before you start missing the year 2011. Khao Kheow Zoo has had quite a remarkable year this year as well, with lots of thrills and adventures, offering absolutely mesmerizing wildlife experiences. Before you get confused and start thinking about your New Year resolutions, prepare yourself for one of the most memorable moments of your life and plan Read more [...]