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Saltwater Crocodile

Saltwater Crocodile

Saltwater crocodiles are the largest living reptiles on earth. They are from Crocodylidae family and they are also known as Crocodylus Porosus by scientific name. Besides they also go by many other names such as Baya, Subwater Crocodile, Kone Huala, and Rawing crocodile. They are considered as one of the most dangerous reptiles not only for birds, and animals, but also for the humans. Most typical behavior is that they wait and slowly reach to their prey and suddenly grabs them in a lightning speed. Distribution: Read more [...]

Pattaya Street Kids – A Memorable Moment In Khao Kheow Zoo

Kids Visit To Khao Kheow Open Zoo

It’s amazing how some thoughts turns into actions and ends by enlightening someone’s life. Sometimes life creates unforgettable moments that are simply beyond any ones imaginations. Today Journey to the jungle is delighted to share one of the most touching moments that exhibits how little generosity can result in a soul-touching experience for giver as well for receiver. We have been notified that Thailand based sponsors ‘Tom and Tim’ have responsibly fulfilled their commitment towards the Read more [...]

Khao Kheow Forest Zoo: Enjoy Wildlife Adventure


Are looking for the best place to spend your time with your family, friends and other loved ones in Bangkok? Come let us show take you to the place where your senses stay relaxed in the warmth and kindness of Mother Nature. Spend your precious time in the wild and enchanting jungle life and feel the embrace sublime Journey To The Jungle. Wandering around the lush green bushes often make visitors hungry as wolf, stay back and just relax. Khao Kheow understands over all requirements that an individual Read more [...]

Two-toed Sloth

Two-toed Sloth

Sloth Facts They are Megalonychidae family. Two-toed sloths spend maximum time of their lives in hanging around the trees, doing all sorts of activities such as eating, mating as well as even mating. They are slow moving mammals. They have a tiny body which is about 60-70 centimeters. Gestation period of Two-toed Sloth is anytime between six to twelve months. These Two-toed sloths have life span between 30-40 years. They have an unbelievably sleeping capacity which at times goes upto 15 hours per Read more [...]

Slow Loris: Swinging Beauties

Slow Loris: Swinging Beauties

Biological ranking of Slow Loris (Genus) is Nycticebus Coucang. They are gifted climbers who are proficient enough to hang themselves with their merely by their feet when needed. They are short and covered by either grey or white fur, depending upon their range. As compared to Slender Loris they are larger by size. Lifespan is 20 years. The most threatening fact about these wonderful species is that they are endangered because certain companies use them as exotic pets or for medicines. Gestation Read more [...]

Jungle Trekking: Walk of Wild


Best way to experience nature’s beautiful creations is by walking around it. Often times travelers try to cover distance thinking they would get more places to see, which may seem as an effective plan, however these ideas prevent visitors to see many places in details. Making sure what you want to see in details is the most essential part of traveling. Jungle Trekking at Khao Kheow Open Zoo includes walk on the uneven grounds of lush green jungle, rivers, tents and mountains. Ecotourism involves Read more [...]

Plains Zebra

Plains Zebra

Zebra Facts Plains zebras (Equus Burchelli) are the most widely spread Zebras. They are mammals belonging to Equidae family. They are famously recognized as species from horse family. Zebras have black stripes across their white coated body. These black stripes help zebras to disguise predators. These zebras have threats not only by their predators such as lions, hyenas but also by many human activities. Plains zebras are extremely social animals. As per the IUCN, Plains Zebras are widely populated. Read more [...]

Hippopotamus – The Mammoth River Horse


Hippopotamus This giant mammal hails from the hippopotamidae family. The reason why Greeks named them as ‘Water Horse’ is because these mammals love being in the water. In spite of weighing between 2200–3600 kg hippos have a massive capacity to stand in the water for about 15-16 hours daily. This is precisely to keep their body temperature under control under the blazing sun. Hippopotamus are tall mammals of six feet. Their nostrils and eyes are above on their head which allows them to breathe Read more [...]

African Lion: King of The Jungle

African Lion

African Lion also Known as king of the jungle, one of the most popular types of mammals. They live together with family in group which called prides. These fearless prides protect and patrol about 260 square kilometers of areas. Female lions are considered as main hunters of the lot. Roars of African Lions can be heard from the distance of upto five miles. African Lions go by the scientific name ‘Pantheara Leo’. Lifespan of these fearless species is of 15 years, however if they are in the suitable Read more [...]

Khao Kheow Forest & Wildlife Park Zoo – ‘Where Life Is Fun’

Khao Kheow Forest & Wildlife Park Zoo

Khao Kheow Open Zoo “A country is known the way it treats its animals. – Jawaharlal Nehru” Animal kingdom and Wildlife is loved by many, unfortunately efforts for animal conservations are hardly visible. Khao Kheow Reserve program values these treasures of the nature and provides necessary solutions and enables healthier wildlife to future generations. Atmospheric changes and industrial boom has made city life more difficult and depressing. Best way to spend time in Bangkok is by visiting Read more [...]

Khao Kheow: Bio-diversity Experience

Khao Kheow: Bio-diversity Experience

Biodiversity simply means biological diversity. Living Organisms of ecosystem of earth includes plants, animals, habitats, and various genes that cater many needs of human life. Nature’s bio-diversity treasure provides oxygen, fresh water, greenery, woods and many useful products that help human to stay safe and free from many problems. Man’s quest for food, clothing and shelter has destroyed many useful natural resources. Khao Kheow – Biodiversity Experience offers magical moment, where visitors Read more [...]

Jackal: Opportunistic Hunters


Jackal Facts They are excellent hunters and have a smarter approach towards preys. They are medium sized species from Canidae family. In Eastern Africa there are three varieties of Jackals i.e. Golden Jackal, Canis Aureus, side-striped jackal Canis Adustus and Black-Backed Jackal Canis Mesomelas. Most animal lovers recognize jackals as dog like animal. Body fur of jackal is either golden, reddish brown or ginger colored. Jackals scream, yell and yap when they hunt prey. Jackals are one of the evergreen Read more [...]