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Time To Earn Blessings: Happy Makha Bucha

Makha Bucha Festival Thailand

Once again it’s the most holy time of the year. JTTJ wishes everyone good fortune, health and blessings of Lord Buddha. Makha Bucha as we all know is the biggest festival of Thailand. There is an interesting story behind this festival. During the entire life time of Lord Buddha two massive gathering of Buddhist monks spontaneously took place to honor him over a gap of 45 years. Coincidently both the days were the full moon day of the third lunar month called ‘Makha’. The first gathering of Read more [...]

Nature Made Us To Be Equals: Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day

Won’t it be nice if humans also practiced gender equality like the animals? Humans might be the most advanced and developed creature, but it still leaves a lot of room for us to learn the basics from these supposedly unintelligent animals. Man has not only imposed his superiority on the animal kingdom but also on his better half or equivalent, ‘the women’. This year the Khao Kheow Open Zoo of Thailand urges our societies to take up the cause of gender equality on the occasion of International Read more [...]

Celebrating Our Daughters: Happy Dolls Festival!!

Happy Dolls Festival

Japan is one the rare nations that has an entire festival dedicated to its daughters. The Doll Festival or as locally known ‘Hina Matsuri’ is a grand event. For those who don’t know this will come as a surprise that the festival actually originated in China. The tradition says that in Olden China relatives would gift little girls with paper dolls which they would submerge in a nearby stream. With the doll floating away it seems that the misfortune and imperfections of the girls would also Read more [...]

Thailand Makes a Strong Presence at the Largest International Travel Trade Fairs in Europe

Boost Thailand’s Tourism

On the 22nd February 2013 the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) participated in prominent and largest travel trade fairs, the annual ‘Europe – FITUR 2013 and Holiday Fair’.  The exhibition was filled by approximately 300 traders from around 150 different countries. Each event at the fair drew over 100,000 consumers, providing a wide platform and much needed exposure for Asian tourism.  The TAT team interacted with various players of the tourism industry like travel agents, airline alliances, Read more [...]



Yes that’s right! Titanic 2 is not a name of some movie sequel, but the real ship. An Australian billionaire, Clive Palmer presented the blue prints of the Titanic-2 at the Intrepid, Sea, Air and Space Museum. He said the ship will trace the original ship’s route of Trans-Atlantic crossing. The construction work is planned to start very soon in China and the ship is estimated to set sail in 2016.  This cruise ship will be a close replica of the first Titanic that hit an iceberg and sank in Read more [...]

Bangkok Restro Wins 3rd on the Asia’s List!

World 50 Best Restaurants of Asia

Recently the world’s 50 best restaurants awards announced the list of ‘world’s 50 best restaurants of Asia’. We are proud to announce that one of Bangkok’s restaurants, ‘Nahm’ bagged the 3rd position in the list.  A total of 5 restaurants from Thailand won a position in the list. The chef of ‘Nahm’, David Thompson is of Australian origin. It won’t be exaggeration if we said that he cooks Thai cuisine better than most natives themselves. It is a realistic restaurant space with Read more [...]

Oscars in Asia: Ang Lee Wins Best Director Award!

Ang Lee Wins Best Director Award!

For the first time in the history of Oscars and Asian film maker has won the award of the ‘Best Director’ category. Director Ang Lee of Taiwanese origin created one of the most spectacular movies of this year. The renowned film ‘life of pie’ based on the bestselling book of the same name by Yann Martel was released last year. Experts had speculated it to be the most impossible story to be turned into a movie. But Ang Lee took up the challenge and even won. ‘Life of pie’ won 4 Academy Read more [...]

Nepalese Woman Conquers Mt Everest Twice, Within a Week: Earns a Guinness World Record

Mount Everest Chhurim Sherpa

Did you know that almost 3000 people have climbed the supreme Mt Everest since it was 1st conquered by Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary? Many more had tried but few were successful. Even then, no one so far has climbed the beastly mountain twice within a gap of just a week. Last year a 29 year old Nepalese woman conquered the 8,848 meter high peak on May 12 and repeated the same trek again on May 19, within just a gap of 7 days. Chhurim Sherpa the young and courageous adventurer was recognized for Read more [...]

A Vacation To The Red Planet ‘Mars’

Dennis Tito

The first man ever to travel the space as a tourist is back with another plan for a space tour. This time he eyes the red planet ‘Mars’. The American multi-millionaire and space travel enthusiast, Dennis Tito is chalking out his privately funded round trip to Mars. The trip is planned to span over 501 days in the year 2018. Dennis Tito had made a historical record in 2001, when he spent a grand total of $20 million for an eight-day trip to the International Space Station aboard a Russian Soyuz Read more [...]

Welcoming 2 New Members In The Family: Ring Tailed Lemurs

Ring Tailed Lemurs

Earlier this month at Khao Kheow Open Zoo we welcomed 2 new members in our family. In the Lemur Land two healthy female babies of Ring Tailed Lemurs were born. Lemurs are typically the natives of Madagascar. The word lemur is derived from the roman word ‘lemures’ which means ghosts or spirits. It is largely researched that there are five major families of lemur with 30 sub species, of which many are now extinct. The Ring Tailed Lemurs are a beautiful species recognized for their long tail with Read more [...]

A Union Planned In Heaven, Quite Literally!

Air Asia Airlines

There is good news for travelers, especially the Asian travelers. The desirous entrepreneur and founder of AirAsia Airlines, Anthony Francis Fernandes aka Tony Fernandes has proposed a new collaboration that is going to boost the slumping aviation industry of India. Frenandes, who is of Indian origin and based in Kuala Lumpur founded the AirAsia in 2001. He formed the company by mortgaging his house right after the 9/11 attacks. This shows the fierce optimism of Mr. Fernandes. He is probably the Read more [...]

Loving your planet this Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentines Day

We all know that the popular V-Day is celebrated as an expression of love by most youngsters. We also know that it is celebrated in memory of and named after a saint.  But how did it all start? During the 270 A.D an early Christian saint named Valentinus spread the message of love and secretly united soldiers who weren’t allowed to marry with their beloveds. He was later caught by the then roman king and sentenced to death. The saint sacrificed his life in the process of spreading the importance Read more [...]