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Cat Complex

If you live, or are visiting, in Pattaya/Chonburi don’t forget to drop by Khao Kheow Open Zoo for a memorable wild, jungle like experience.

Come take the tram ride with us around the park. At the beginning of your tram journey into our Khao Kheow Open Zoo wildlife park you will encounter a flock of Greater Flamingoes and various interesting species of South American primates which are some of the smallest primates of the world.

From here your journey continues on, passing by the Gibbon Island where you can listen out for the calls of the Gibbons and try to spot them high up on the trees. If you are lucky you may see a mother gibbon and her baby; the cutest sight.

Your next stop will be a great ‘photo op’ as you can alight and freely roam around the group of Eld’s Deer, feed them yourself, photograph them or photograph your loved-ones and friends feeding these rare deer.

The African Savannah Zone is the next leg of your journey. Here you will see many African animals such as antelopes, rhinos, hippos, ostrich, giraffes and have the opportunity to photograph them up close. Also within this zone is something that many do not get to experience in other zoos: Flamingo Feeding! Step down from the tram, enjoy feeding these interesting birds and sneak in a snap shot or few and show off your captures to your friends and colleagues.

If you enjoyed the Flamingoes you will enjoy the next destination of your journey. The Bird Aviary. This stop is a favorite of the adventurous at heart. If you are a lover of birds, ever ready for an adventure and enjoy a good walk, you can spend a great amount of time lost in the wonders of this aviary. To make it an even more interesting visit bring along a book on the Birds of Thailand and try to identify the various species within the aviary; and don’t worry if you don’t have this book– you can buy a copy at the Journey to the Jungle Book Store if you’d like one.

Yes, sheep and goats can be seen along your journey too. But these are no ordinary sheep and goats. The Serow is a rare, endangered wild species that look rather interesting and have interesting behaviors and the same can be said for the Barbary Sheep with their rocky choice of habitat. You may also run into a camel or two in this area.

Next up are 5 very big and important species of Thailand. The Asian Elephants, Guar, Banteng, Wild Cattle and the Tapir. Witness the grandeur of it all and continue on to the next pit stop FLYING PARADISE. Free ranging Pelicans and Painted Storks in a big open area is what you will encounter here.

Apes and apes! You will find yourself winding through a path, as you would in a jungle, and find yourself at the border of the Chimpanzee and Orang Utan territories. To many visitors these are the most fun and intelligently comical animals to watch. Be amazed by their intelligence and be prepared for a good laugh if the apes make funny faces at you.

Last but not the least in your journey is the CAT COMPLEX. This facility holds the largest collection of wild cat species, both large and small, in Thailand. Enjoy a leisurely walk around the facility, learn about these amazing cat species and finally join us at the Journey to the Jungle where your wildlife encounter continues with us....


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Note: We provide to transfer by mini-van (seats upto 11 adults) or private limousine from Khao Kheow to Pattaya upon request at a modest price

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