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Biodiversity Experience in Khao Kheow Open Zoo




According to IUCN, it refers to the wide variety of ecosystems and living organisms: animals, plants, their habitats and their genes. It provides us with 'products and services', such as oxygen, food, fresh water, fertile soil, medicines, shelter, protection from storms and floods, stable climate and recreation — all have their source in nature and healthy ecosystems.

Biodiversity is extremely complex, dynamic and varied. Its innumerable plants, animals and microbes physically and chemically unite the atmosphere (the mixture of gases around the Earth), geosphere (the solid part of the Earth), and hydrosphere (the Earth's water, ice and water vapour) into one environmental system which makes it possible for millions of species, including humans, to exist.

At the same time, the biodiversity has been so dramatically influenced by man’s pursuits. By affecting biodiversity, we strongly affect human well-being and the well-being of every other living creature. To stop this degradation, the 4R's of biodiversity was introduced: Retain, restore, replace and recover.
Retain — (i.e. protect) populations, species and habitats that are ecologically significant
Restore — habitats that have been degraded
Replace — habitats that have been lost
Recover — species that are at risk

At Khao Kheow forest and wildlife park, visitors can participate in ecotourism-based activities designed at increasing biodiversity awareness and knowledge, which blend practical learning with eco adventure activities, such as zip line riding.

Flight of the Gibbon — Zip line ride
Experience the beauty, magic and adventure of Thailand's rainforest like never before. High in the the treetops of a pristine forest and wildlife park, visitors will glide through the jungle canopy via 3 km (1.8 miles) of thrilling wire zip lines, scenic sky bridges and adrenaline-inducing abseils. This is the largest canopy zip line adventure tour in the world! Along the way, the highly trained and safety-minded guides will share their local knowledge of the rainforest flora and fauna that inhabit this ancient, biologically diverse wonderland. Flight of the Gibbon is an educational adventure guests will never forget, and will certainly be a highlight of their trip to Thailand!

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