A Day of Relaxation In The Wilderness

After Dark Night Safari

We know how much you love your sleep in the mornings of a holiday. We know how you want to spend them lying around doing nothing. Hence the Khao Kheow Open Zoo has come up with a second version of 1 Day Adventure + After Dark Safari Tour. This wildlife safari starts late in the morning so that you don’t have to sacrifice on your beloved sleep and yet enjoy a fun packed day.Elephant RidesThe friendliness of the zoo is evident right from the start when you are offered a welcome drink on arrival, followed by a luscious lunch at Green Hills restaurant.  Begin your expedition of exploring the various marvels of nature and have a close encounter with them in the sightseeing and animal feeding trip.  The experience of feeding animals makes you realize how blessed and simply amazing nature is. It makes you feel loved when you look into their eyes like the big eyed deer, giraffe, chimpanzees, orangutans and many more.After Dark SafariHop on the back of an elephant and wander off in this man-made jungle during the elephant ride. The zoo also features the acrobatics of the airborne like a parade of painted storks, a special bird aviary and bird shows.  The safari literally makes you lose track of not just time but even hunger, thirst or any other feeling except excitement throughout. Yet the zoo realizes that after hours of this overwhelming rendezvous with nature you need to replenish yourself.

Food At Green Hills Restaurant

Once again walk into the Green Hills Restaurant and enjoy a savory dinner. But don’t be fooled into thinking that the day is over. The day just gets better and bigger. The zoo has a world collection of cat family. The Cat Complex, houses some of the most deadly feline nocturnal hunters.  Buckle up tight cause now it’s time for the most popular night safari of Thailand, the Khao Kheow Open Zoo After Dark Safari.  As most creatures enter a deep slumber, these creatures have just woken, all ready to go! A special night show is put up by the experts to help the audience get a close experience of this night life in the ‘journey to the jungle after dark show’ followed by the Zoo Night Safari on a tram.  Now you can unravel as finally this action packed yet filled with fun day is over.

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