A Union Planned In Heaven, Quite Literally!

Air Asia Airlines

There is good news for travelers, especially the Asian travelers. The desirous entrepreneur and founder of AirAsia Airlines, Anthony Francis Fernandes aka Tony Fernandes has proposed a new collaboration that is going to boost the slumping aviation industry of India.

Frenandes, who is of Indian origin and based in Kuala Lumpur founded the AirAsia in 2001. He formed the company by mortgaging his house right after the 9/11 attacks. This shows the fierce optimism of Mr. Fernandes.

He is probably the first venture to break even in the airline industry within just a year. After successfully running his airlines in most parts of Asia and offering travelers, the opportunity for inexpensive air transport; he has now turned to India. The collaboration stands with India’s prime aviation players, the ‘Tata’ and Amit Bhatia, steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal. The hold is planned to be divided at 49-30-21 % respectively.

AirAsia And Tata To Set Up Indian Airline

This development in the aviation industry is widely welcomed by the experts. As they all predict an uplifting of tourism and aviation sectors

JTTJ is also glad to hear this news as this further strengths our bonds with our audiences as now they can be easily mobilized and that too at a much lower fare than before. So this news is just another reason for you to plan that long draw vacation and visit Thailand and it pristine nature.

News Source: The Times Of India

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