Adorable Beauty At The Zoo

Adorable Beauty at the Zoo

Wildlife and photography goes hand in hand. The passion of photographers has enabled world to experience many amazing moments by just click of the mouse. This is exactly what has happened at one of the Thailand’s best zoo – Khao Kheow Open Zoo, when a passionate photographer by the name Ashley Vincent from Britain took few mesmerizing pictures of newborn cubs.

These little cubs at Khao Kheow Open Zoo are named as Ying Yai which means elder sister, Ying Klang as middle princess and Ying Lek as little princess as per the local language. One of the pictures is simply breathtaking, where one of the newborn cubs is yawning with mouth wide open, here the absence of teeth in cub’s mouth gives adorable appearance to picture. Just imagine a fully grown wild animal yawning with sharp and edgy set of teeth, sounds scary right? Apparently this picture doesn’t look frightening; it rather has a charm of innocence.

Newborn CubNewborn Cubs at Khao Kheow Zoo

Photographs of Ying Yai (‘Elder Princess’), with other beautiful sisters Ying Klang (‘Middle’) and Ying Lek (‘Little Princess’)by 48 year old Ashley Vincent are absolutely hypnotic. Needless to say that Mr. Ashley Vincent certainly has a great eye for photography and Khao Kheow Open Zoo is thankful to such talented photographers, who wholeheartedly spread awareness about wildlife treasures across the world through their beautiful photographs.

Adorable Beauty at the ZooCubs - Adorable Beauty at the Zoo

Just imagine these adorable cubs learn how to yawn, roar and do many such things together that can be seen by someone sitting in the far corner of the world, it’s a magical gift to these photographers. We encourage many other wildlife enthusiasts and photographers to visit Thailand’s thrilling beauty – the Khao Kheow Zoo to explore sublime beauties of wildlife.

Adorable Beauty at the Khao Kheow ZooAdorable Beauty at Khao Kheow Open Zoo

Image Source: Daily Mail – Ashley Vincent

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