As Spring Arrives, It’s Time To Wish, Happy Greenery Day!!

Happy Greenery Day

Japan is one of the rare, environmentally sound nations that celebrate a special day devoted to Mother Nature. This day is called ‘The Greenery Day’, or in Japanese, ‘Midori no Hi’ where ‘Midori’ means green and “Hi” means day.

This day is also a part of the grand Japanese celebrations of the golden week. Greenery day is celebrated on the 5th of May every year.  May in Japan is a pleasant month where the winters make way for the beautiful spring. The nature puts on a beautiful dress of colorful flowers and greenery everywhere. This is also the best time to visit the country as you come across the angelic cherry blossoms.

The parks and gardens are decorated as visitors flock to be a part of the several ‘Greenary Day’ events that take place here.

Cleaning of local areas, Sapling plantations, avoiding the use of plastic, awareness marches and speeches are the most obvious course of the day.Greenery DayThe community tasks of environmental and civic sense bring a great joy to the soul. The enthusiasm of people aptly matches the energy of lush greenery.

The history of Greenery Day was that, it was celebrated on 29 April from 1989 to 2007 as this was the birthday of the then Emperor. Emperor Hirohito reigned on Japan for the longest period of time and was a nature enthusiast himself.  He encouraged the construction of a biological laboratory at Akasaka Palace and also the Imperial Biological Research Institute. He constantly promoted research in the field of biology and marine biology, and has been credited as the author of a number of books. Hence post his death in January 1989, 29th April was celebrated as Greenery Day in his memory.

In 2007 the ruling government decided to honor the Emperor’s birthday as Showa Day and shifted Greenery Day on it its current date of 5th may.

JTTJ team wishes one and all a Happy Greenery Day! We hope this bring abundance of love and compassion in our lives along with the love of nature.


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