Asian Buffalo – The Treasure of Livestock

Asian Buffalo

Saving wildlife beauties and animal kingdom takes years of effort and it begins with every little steps. Explore the magnificent jungles of Thailand and zoo such as the Khao Kheow Open Zoo. They have a spectacular program in the form of journey to the jungle. It is customized to educate wildlife enthusiasts, students and visitors from across the world.

Due to several unwanted reasons and mean acts of human wildlife treasures are getting hampered. These species are getting affected not only in urban areas but also in the jungles. Khao Kheow Open Zoo’s award winning Journey to the jungle program helps visitors to understand how animal conservation benefits wildlife and other treasures of nature.

The Asian buffalo are slowly disappearing as they are largely hunted in the country like Australia for the consumption of their meat. As per the latest statistics from IUCN Red List the population of Asian buffalo is threatened. Wildlife experts have estimated that in this fashion in the next two decades we will see the reduction in the population of Asian Buffalo to go down by 50%, hence they seriously require to be saved otherwise very soon planet earth will lose these precious animals. In several parts of the world Asian Buffaloes are hunted for their skins as well.

Asian Buffalo Facts

The educational program such as journey to the jungle spreads awareness amongst tourists. Students and wildlife enthusiasts are largely benefited because these are the people who spread the word in the common people who usually are ignorant about endangered animal such as Asian Buffalo, Banteng, Grey Ox and many more species which are slowly getting diminished due to badly affected habitats. These endangered animals have become extremely rare and it is imperative to save them.

Treat your family and friends with the visit to this magnificent journey to the jungle and help them to understand details of these beautiful species that are getting affected.

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