Asian Elephant – The Largest Living Land Animal

Asian Elephant

It is amazing to see things from a distance and the other fascinating bit is that if you see any animal as massive as Asian elephant. Size does matter and along with size many other traits get considered such as space, food and water consumption. They come as pretty high maintenance species in terms of their consumption and other habits however; they certainly are one of the most adorable Elephas Maximus. These animals are the largest land living species in the Asian region.

Visit Thailand’s best Zoo Khao Kheow Open Zoo to experience 30 minutes elephant ride and the spectacular show Journey to the jungle. It is highly anticipated animal conservation show that is loved by tourists from across the world. It is not just like any other educational learning experience but it also enlightens wildlife enthusiast about how animals poaching and human populations in the jungle is disturbing the animals in their own land of jungle.

Elephant Rides

Journey to the jungle sends crystal clear message to visitors on how animal conservation benefits generations in sustaining these endangered species and in-depth details of animal behaviors. The programs such as jungle to the journey help immensely because of it is hair-raising surroundings replicated jungle and make visitors visit memorable.

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