Asiatic Lion – Magnificent Panthera Leo Persica

Asiatic Lion

One of the most fascinating bits is why people are enthralled as they hear or talk about the magnificent Asiatic Lion and needleless to say it is because of their fearless persona. Asiatic lion is one of the seven species of lions. They are also known as Panthera Leo Persica by their scientific name and they are majorly found In the Gir Forest of Gujarat, India. If you have ever imagined experiencing wild animals from the closest distance, Gir is the ultimate place to be for this thrilling experience.Asiatic LionDiet of Asiatic lion consist deer, antelope, wild boar, pigs and other cattle. Currently the population of Asiatic lion is endangered due to lack of required diet, habitat and majorly because industrial revolution and due to ever changing climatic conditions. There are several animal conservations programs across the world who intend to do their best to save these animals that are endangered.

Khao Kheow Open Zoo offers special animal conservation program called Journey to the jungle. Students from across the world participate for this educative program to learn how endangered animals can be saved and to gather other detailed information about the wildlife treasures. Life span of Asiatic lion is between 25-30 years and gestation period of 115 days approximately.

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