Banteng: The Harmless Beauty


These strong Banteng were domesticated first in Australia and later in many parts of Southeast Asia, they are known as Bali Cattle. These animals are used for working in the farm and for consumption of meat in many Asian regions. Juvenile and female pelage is orange-brown. Banteng have curved slender horns. They are connected with forehead and size of male horns go upto 60-65 cm. In females horns are shorter and curvy.

Banteng is part of Bovidae family. These giant Banteng weigh between 650-850 kg. This powerful animal also goes by the name ‘Tembadau’ and by scientific name ‘Bos Javanicus’. These animals have lifespan of 20 years and sexual maturity between 2-3 years.


Distribution: Of late population of Banteng have reduced drastically due to insufficient habitat. Southeast Asia is one of the most famous places where Banteng is found. They are spread across many other countries such as Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Northern Australia.

Habitat: Grassland around water and mineral (salt) licks.

Diet: Grass, Fruits, Bamboos, Leaves and Shoots

Banteng Facts

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