Banteng – The Mighty Cow


Jungles are getting demolished and natural treasures are affected massively for multiple reasons. Khao Kheow Open Zoo has been studying this situation and is trying their best to conserve endangered species by providing them suitable habitats. Thailand has many magnificent bird and animals from across the globe and this is the best chance for visitors to see best of them.

Banteng is one of the endangered animals and its population is getting reduced day by day. Journey to the jungle’s animal conservation program educates students and tourists explaining its benefits. It’s about animal enrichment. Banteng can be found in south-east Asia. Journey to the jungle brings people closer to endangered species and enables them to experience the real beauty of these incredible animals.

Banteng Facts

Experts from Khao Kheow Open Zoo encourage young and dynamic generations about the endangered animals and as it allows them to crave wildlife future for the upcoming generations. Banteng is misused by many industries for multiple purposes and this is reducing the populations of these wonderful animals. Journey to the jungle is a special show that inspires tourists to see animals from closer distance and understand how precious they are to wildlife treasures.

For details about Banteng and other endangered species

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