Barbary Sheep


This Sheep has large curvy horns. Females have similar horns but smaller. Barbary sheep is also known by many other names such as aoudad, waddan, arui, and arruis. They are about 3 Feet tall by shoulders. Barbary sheep weighs around 40-45 kg. Gestation period of Barbary sheep is between 150-160 das. Their sexual maturity is round about 18 months. Lifespan is 20 years.

Native of Barbary sheep is deeply connected with Morocco, Africa. By the studies by IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) Barbary sheep’s population is vulnerable. Male sheep is known as rams and female as ewes.

Barbary Sheep

Habitat: Barbary sheep is at its best during dusk and dawn, if they are in a cooler area. Their habitat consist arid environment and fulfils their thirst of water from the plants.

Distribution: North Africa, Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, South-east Spain, Mexico.

Diet: These lovely sheep’s diet includes grasses, shrubs, plants, flowers and different kinds of leaves.

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