Barn Owl: Mid-Night’s Beauty

Barn Owl

Barn Owl Facts

Also known by the name Common Barn Owl and they are widely spread across the world except polar and desert regions. Barn Owl has heart-shape like facial disk, however no ear tufts or long hairs. Barn owl is beautiful blended with white, golden brown and black colored speck. Sexes of these owls can be differentiated by the arrangement of colors and weight. The measurement of their size across with world differs.

In ancient era; owls were considered as bad omens and as a witchcraft objects. Historically, they were largely used as symbols due to various myths and superstitions. Sharp hearing ability of Barn owl is used prey hunt in darkest of the areas.

Barn Owl Facts

Distribution: Barn owls are usually found in most regions across the globe except Antarctica. They prefer cosmopolitan regions, farmland, and grassland with the bit of woodland areas. Some of the places where Barn owls are largely populated are Australia, Britain, and Europe, many other parts such as Asia, North America and Africa. Barn owls are also available in a certain part of oceanic lands.

Habitat: Easily found nocturnal spread in grasslands, moors, heath, and in oceanic lands. Barn owl rest on tress, dark caves, and forests other cosmopolitan areas.

Barn Owl

Diet: Barn owl’s diet consist food such as small mammals, rodents, birds, insects and reptiles.

Khao Kheow Open Zoo has one of the most attractive species of Barn Owl in Bangkok. It has wide varieties of Bengal Tigers which are exhibited in Journey to the Jungle. This amazing place showcases large number of Barn Owls. Overall it’s a magnificent place to hang-out and to have enjoyable family time.

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