Bat-eared Fox: Explore The Foxy Wilderness

Bat-Eared Fox

Life Span of this fox is about six years and their scientific name is Otocyon Megalotis. These foxes belong to Canidae family and they are nocturnal. Their life span is about twelve years in captivity. For apparent reasons (i.e. because of their large ears) they are named Bat-eared Fox. These mammals’ ears may grow upto 5.3 inches. They have amazing abilities to escape from attackers by speed and with quick reflexive dodging.

Distribution: These foxes are famous for their availability in South Africa and East Africa, however they can be also found in the countries like Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

Diet: These foxes have super-sensitive senses that can trace sounds of harvesting termites. They have small teeth and their diet majorly consist of termites, insects and grasshoppers. There meal also includes mammals, birds, eggs and other arthropods.Bat Eared FoxHabitat: Bat-eared Foxes are not endangered species and habitat includes woodland, open plains and grasslands.

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