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Come Back Penguin @ Khao Kheow Open Zoo

Penguin Humboldt

Some people love the rains, some love a sunny day. But we all like a mellow sunny day after a long rainy season. And just like people the animal kingdom too rejoices the golden warmth of the autumn Sun. At Khao Kheow Open Zoo, our trainers are in full preparation to unleash the chirpy Humboldt penguins out in the sun. Native to the coast of Peru and Chile these penguins simply love to bask in the sun. Due to the rainy season they were mostly kept indoors, where our trainers made sure they had enough Read more [...]

Celebrating the Wanderer Spirit; Happy World Tourism Day!

Happy World Tourism Day

 “Half the fun of the travel is the esthetic of lostness” says the famous Ray Bradbury. Quite truly travelling is not a luxury but a need of human soul, just like food for is the element that connects us to this vast universe that we are a part of. Connect with nature, connect with its miracles, connect with the speechless animals and talk to them in a language universal to all living beings. The 1st World Tourism Day was celebrated by United Nations World Tourism Organization on Read more [...]

May This Lantern Festival Light Up All Your Dreams into Reality!!

Lantern Festival

It’s that time of the year when once again the sky is flooded with bright shiny stars. But not the burning celestial bodies, the stars of human hope, celebration and love. It’s the lantern festival marking the peak of Chinese New Year celebrations. According to Chinese history the lantern festival is celebrated to please the God of heaven and his 7 fire spitting dragons. Taiyi, controlled the destiny of the human world and could inflict drought, storms, famine or pestilence upon human beings Read more [...]

Madness of Madagascar: Welcoming 4 New Lemurs to the Family

4 new Lemurs in Khao kheow Open Zoo

28th august 2013 as marked one of the happiest event in the calendar of Khao Kheow Open Zoo Everyone at Khao Kheow Open Zoo are ecstatic to welcome a set of 4 Ruffed Lemurs. The JTTJ team along with our honored Director Mr. Suriya Saengpong introduces two male and two female Ruffed Lemurs in the Amazing Madagascar zone of the zoo. Lemurs are native to the vibrant island of Madagascar. The ruffed lemur is the largest of this species. It is easily recognized by its black and white or black and brown Read more [...]

Friendship Is a Superior Form of Love

Happy Friendship Day

Man is a strange creature; he chases fame, money, power and even love. In his chase he forgets that some things can’t be pursued but only enjoyed by giving away. These things I believe are the true love of a friend, their unbiased support, their acceptance of your craziness and their involvement in your every step towards a happy life. Man is not the only social animal to have relationships, in the animal world to several animals are known to make best friends and stick with them through life. Read more [...]

Don’t Let The Roars Become Cries!

World Tiger Day

Patterned black stripes on a bright orange canvas, the famous Bengal Tiger also known as the Asian tiger is the enigmatic symbol of power, beauty, royalty, stealth, strength and survival in Asian cultures for centuries. Unfortunately this beautiful strong animal has fallen weak in comparison to the rampant savage of mankind on this planet. Today there are as few as 3,200 tigers in the wild according to WWF (World Wide Fund). They are scarcely distributed mostly in isolated pockets spread across increasingly Read more [...]

‘Hisss’ is the Day! Welcome the World Snake Day

World Snake Day

Snakes aren’t the most delightful or adored animals in domestic atmosphere and yet it is not very strange to hear about someone who owns a snake as a pet. This cold blood creature has approximately 3,400 species in existence around the world. Snakes are found on every continent except Antarctica and can vary from 32 feet long pythons to tiny 10 cm-long thread snake. Out of all the snakes on earth only about one-fourth are of the venomous kind. Snakes are the majorly misinterpreted creatures, Read more [...]

Controlling the Human Pest on World Population Day

World Population Day

The estimated population of the world as of July 9, 2012 has been 7,025,071,966. The world population has been on a constant rise ever since the 1960s. The human population and its consumption methods have become a big burden on planet earth; so much so that our recklessness has caused the extinction of over hundred species of other life forms. Hence to spread awareness about population control and other medical and social problems related to it the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Read more [...]

Is your four legged friend safe? Ask more on World Zoonoses Day

World Zoonoses Day

These days no family is complete without a pet that usually comprises of a dog or cat or birds. In the olden days a household would typically own cattle, poultry, a dog and a horse. This bond between humans and domestic animals has been intact since a long time. Many households treat their pet more as a family member than just an animal. Thus daily vaccination and healthcare of these animals is done. This is necessary not only for the good health of the pets but also the family at large. Today, Read more [...]

Doubly Wild!! : Birth of 2 Wildebeest Calves @ Khao Kheow Open Zoo

Wildebeest Calves

It was the most heavenly site at the zoo last week.  The zoo staff witnessed the birth of two beautiful and healthy wildebeest calves. The male calf was born on 15th June early in the morning where as the female calf was born on 16th June. The veterinary team examined the two newborns and declared them absolutely healthy and safe. The babies are in the African Savanna zone currently with their mothers. The African Savanna zone of Khao Kheow Open Zoo currently shelters 5 wildebeest comprising of Read more [...]

Not a Child’s Play! Education Training Course @ Khao Kheow Open Zoo

Education Training Course at Khao Kheow Open Zoo

To run a zoo is as much a responsibility as fun it sounds. And to be able to take up this responsibility with good confidence and technical skills an educational training course for zoo personnel was launched on Monday at the Khao Kheow Open Zoo.  Being a zoo staff not only requires love for wildlife and nature but also immense patience. Handling animals is like handling small children; they can’t speak and can be unpredictable. Hence this was a week long program with an aim to help improve Read more [...]

Celebrating True Patriotism: Happy Dragon Day!

Dragon Boad Festival

It is said that the dragon boat festival started more than 2,000 years ago on the banks of rivers that gushed through the valleys of southern China. The festival was celebrated to ensure soil fertility and healthy, abundant crops. The most acclaimed deities of Chinese culture, the dragons were worshiped in order to avert misfortune and cause good rainfall. The dragons in Asia have traditionally been a symbol of water. They are said to rule the rivers and seas and dominate the clouds and rains. The Read more [...]