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Yellow-Throated Marten: The Bushy Tailed Beauty

Yellow-Throated Marten

Scientific name for Yellow-throated Marten is Martes Flavigula. These martens are also known as Kharza. Yellow-throated Marten belongs to Mustelidae family. Limbs and tail are longer. They are endangered population of Martens. Yellow-throated Martens have yellow-orange coat and their throat is yellow. Gestation period of Yellow-throated Marten is 120 days. Females takes care of Baby Marten up till five 4-5 months. Lifespan is around 14 years. In the parts of Serbia and Korea they are hunted for Read more [...]

Save Beauty of Mother Earth

Natural Conservation Programme at KKOZ

Natural Conservation Programme at Khao Kheow Open Zoo We learn throughout our lives regardless of whether we want it or not. With our willingness and dedication, we can certainly learn, besides life experiences are the best teacher, be it hard way or anything else. The fact of the matter stands still that learning is a never-ending process and we just get better as we learn more. There is constant rush of information and knowledge that each of us consume at each and every stages of our lives. Thailand’s Read more [...]

Night Safari Thailand – Thrills Unlimited

After Dark Night Safari

All the reasons of keeping your family and loved ones happy is simply by the just spending some precious time with them. It brings joy and connects hearts when you indulge with an outdoor fun activity with our family and loved ones. The most visited night safari Thailand is Khao Kheow Open Zoo’s Journey to the jungle. This magnificent program offers after dark experience of wildlife and fun-facts about amazing creatures of jungle. As sunlight disappears many species from different corners of jungle Read more [...]

Thailand Tourism is Changing Fast

Thailand Tourism is Changing Fast

Reports from various media house have again shocked the nation by the striking revelation that the real treasure is deeply connected in the growth of local markets. It is really shocking that in spite of such a rich wildlife and massive markets all across Thailand, country is still getting their economical benefits from the domestic markets. After these jaw-dropping statistics Tourism Authority of Thailand Pattaya office have come up with a solid marketing plan to maximum the economic growth of Read more [...]

Malayan Porcupine: Awkwardly Incredible Rodent

Malayan Porcupine

Malayan Porcupine is a rodent that goes by (Hystrix brachyuran) Himalayan Porcupine. They have barbed quills on their back. Lifespan of this oddly beautiful creature is roughly 20-27 years and their lifespan purely depends on the environmental conditions where they live. Malayan Porcupines weigh upto 1 to 1.70 kg. They have reach upto 80-85 cm distance. Malayan Porcupines are shy nocturnal, who prefers searching food during the nights and they are rarely found during the daytime. In fact, Malayan Read more [...]

Asian Buffalo – The Treasure of Livestock

Asian Buffalo

Saving wildlife beauties and animal kingdom takes years of effort and it begins with every little steps. Explore the magnificent jungles of Thailand and zoo such as the Khao Kheow Open Zoo. They have a spectacular program in the form of journey to the jungle. It is customized to educate wildlife enthusiasts, students and visitors from across the world. Due to several unwanted reasons and mean acts of human wildlife treasures are getting hampered. These species are getting affected not only in urban Read more [...]

Family Adventure in Thailand – Capture Time of Your Life

Family Adventure in Thailand

Thailand makes you feel like you are in the middle of some Hollywood movie scene, where you are surrounded by some of the most buzzing places of Thailand such as Floating markets, golden-roofed Buddha and other amazing temples, water rides in the clean sandy beaches, roaring wildlife, adventurous jungle trekking, ancient ruins, and mesmerizing zoos. Khao Kheow Open Zoo is the best destination to visit when you plan visit for Family Adventures Places in Thailand. There are many exciting places in Read more [...]

Asian Black Bear: Warm White-Chested Beauty

Asian Black Bear

They are also known as Moon Bear or by their scientific name Ursus Thibetanus. These bears are from Ursidae family. These bears are similar like American black bears. Asian black bears are arboreal (lives in trees) animals. They have incredible ability to balance on with their hind feet and this is skill can be useful for them in many ways. Human sometimes train these Asian Black Bears to perform these balancing tricks. Lifespan of the Asian Black Bear is of around 25 years. Body length of Asian Read more [...]

Flight of The Gibbon – Swing In The Arms of Nature

Flight of The Gibbon

City of Angels rises and shines with the mix glory ranging from man-made architectures, temples and lavish hotels to nature’s treasures such as mighty jungles with roaring wildlife. Explore beautiful Thailand with best flight of the gibbon experience in mesmerizing Journey to the jungle of Khao Kheow Open Zoo. Discover enthralling beauty of wildlife during your Thailand excursion with the adventurous flight of the gibbon – an ultimate canopy zipline experience for all the fun-loving wildlife Read more [...]

Green Wing Macaw: The Magnificent Bird

Green Wing Macaw

These Red and Green Macaw are also known as ‘Ara’ which means Macaw, ‘Chloropterus’ means ‘Green wing’. They come from the family Psittacidae. They are covered with lovely red plumage that looks incredible on these parrots. Tail and wings are covered with blue and green feathers. Green-Wing Macaw has white face, which is beautifully cushioned with small yellow feathers. Green-wing Macaw has one of the largest reach compared to any other Macaws. They are monogamous species which means Read more [...]

Eco-adventure tour: Explore Thrills of the Wild

Eco-Adventure Tour

Bangkok is globally known for its shopping streets, lip-smacking delicacies and for its beautiful wildlife zoo adventures. Don’t wait for another summer, simply treat your family to Bangkok’s best zoo Khao Kheow Open Zoo for Eco-adventure tour and experience the magnificent varieties of eco-advantage tours of your journey to the jungle. Some of the most loved package includes: Package 1 Eco Adventure: Starts at 8 o’clock when sun is not too hot and chances are high that you may get to see Read more [...]

Asian Elephant – The Largest Living Land Animal

Asian Elephant

It is amazing to see things from a distance and the other fascinating bit is that if you see any animal as massive as Asian elephant. Size does matter and along with size many other traits get considered such as space, food and water consumption. They come as pretty high maintenance species in terms of their consumption and other habits however; they certainly are one of the most adorable Elephas Maximus. These animals are the largest land living species in the Asian region. Visit Thailand’s best Read more [...]