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Wildlife Safari at Khao Kheow Open Zoo


Smile, rejoice and experience the amazing wildlife safari at Bangkok’s best zoo. Spend some delightful time with your family and friends when you are at Bangkok. Just when you begin you will get to see flocks of greater flamingoes and South American species. Visitors can enjoy feeding flamingoes and other friendly species as they travel by the trams. Journey to the jungle is fun with friendly guide of Khao Kheow Open Zoo. Enjoy the spectacular journey of Gibbon Island where different voices of Read more [...]

Banteng: The Harmless Beauty


These strong Banteng were domesticated first in Australia and later in many parts of Southeast Asia, they are known as Bali Cattle. These animals are used for working in the farm and for consumption of meat in many Asian regions. Juvenile and female pelage is orange-brown. Banteng have curved slender horns. They are connected with forehead and size of male horns go upto 60-65 cm. In females horns are shorter and curvy. Banteng is part of Bovidae family. These giant Banteng weigh between 650-850 Read more [...]

Jungle Canopy Adventure Tour

jungle Canopy Adventure Tour

A Wildlife enthusiast does thing that thrills them. They love taking risk and setting new limit for themselves regardless of what time and place where they venture it. If this sounds like your persona then you must visit the best jungle canopy adventure tour in the world which is in Khao Kheow Open Zoo. Try things that you have never done in your life before and act that challenges your inner self while you experience the magnificent flight of the gibbon experience is simply mesmeric. In your visit Read more [...]

Things to Do In Khao Kheow Zoo

Khao Kheow Open Zoo

Thailand is the best destination for vacation, business trip and for many other interesting activities. There are many places where you’ll see crowd pouring in and out in almost throughout the day. Luxurious hotels, nightclubs with international music, world heritage, flea market for all products and wildlife treasures are all part of Bangkok delightful tourisms. Some of the most fascinating activities which you can experience the Khao Kheow Open Zoo are as stated below: Breakfast with Suriya: Read more [...]

Zip Line Tours – Experience Magic of The Moment

Zipline Adventure

Find your inner peace in the midst of Mother Nature’s tranquil beauty. Khao Kheow Open Zoo welcomes tourists from across the world to visit and enjoy Thailand’s best Zip Line tours. Thailand generates heavy revenue from its tourism destinations and most loved activities are shopping in the flea markets, sparkling posh hotels, night clubs, historical architectures and wildlife adventures. Flight of the gibbon is the best zip line tour from Khao Kheow Open Zoo. This Zipline of Khao Kheow is one Read more [...]

Giraffe – Size Does Matter


They are world’s biggest mammals because of their gigantic neck and legs. One of the most striking facts about them is that they have about six feet long legs which enable them to hit the mark of 56 kilometers per hour. These tall mammals prefer strolling around grassland in smaller groups. Giraffe uses their height to keep watch on predators as well to have leaves and fruits from the trees. They have long tongue about 50-55 cm. It enables them to consume several pounds of leaves. Baby giraffe Read more [...]

Animals Chilling at Khao Kheow Open Zoo

Animals Chills at Khao Kheow Open Zoo

Summer brings many magical memories and this time it was another memorable day at the Thailand’s best zoo–Khao Kheow Open Zoo as animals were treated with mouth-watering icy cold deserts. It was a thoughtful gesture by the officials. It is very essential to understand that many beautiful animals from wildlife are endangered already and therefore it is extremely vital to sustain these animals. Weather is affected miserably due to global warming and this makes living more challenging for animals Read more [...]

Conserving Activity at the Khao Kheow Open Zoo

Conserving Activity at the Khao Kheow Open Zoo

Something unique always happens at Thailand’s best zoo–Khao Kheow Open Zoo. Few Sundays ago there was a spectacular event named as “Tigers Love Their Jungle – Fish Love Their Sea” which was magnificently supported with corporation from esteemed authorities namely ESSO Sriracha, the Institute of Marine Science of Burapa University and Sattahip Navy Base. Major focus of this project was to provide society to teach people and educate, precisely students who gathered from nine different schools. Read more [...]

Common Palm Civet: The Cat-Sized Mammal


Common Palm Civet goes by several other names such as Mentawai Palm, Paradoxurus Hermaphroditus, or by Toddy Cat. They belong to Viverridae family. As per the studies of IUSN Common Palm Civet are spread across many regions and they have wider range of habitats. Common Palm Civets are hunted in China for their meat. Civet’s droppings help to harvest coffee. They come out at night to find their mouth-watering meal. Distribution: They are spread across many regions such as central, south and Southeastern Read more [...]

Leopard Cat: The Opportunist


This small wild cat is from Felidae family and is also recognized by the scientific name ‘Prionailuraus Bengalensis’. They are smaller than the African big cats. Body of Leopard Cat is covered by spotted coat. Leopard cat is a smooth climber, who skillfully uses their gifted talent to hunt animals. Fur of these cats varies from yellow to silver grey depending upon their range. There are many subspecies of Leopard Cat such as Sumatrans in Sumatra, Minuta in Philippines and Chinensis in China Read more [...]

Giant Anteater: The Grassland Beauty


These Giant Anteaters are the largest of all four anteaters. Scientific name of Giant Anteater is Myrmecophaga Tridactyla and they come from Myrmecophagidae. From their nose-to-tail they are roughly between five to seven feet long and they weigh about 40-100 kg. Giant Anteater have long nose with narrow head, tiny eyes and curvy ears. They have rough hair which varies from being brown or grey with black stripes across their body up till mid-torso. Bushy tail of Giant Anteater looks amazing considering Read more [...]

Water Festival at Khao Kheow Open Zoo


Summer heat is good in multiple ways and if you have planned to visit one of the best places in Bangkok, you must try the Water Festival at Khao Kheow Open Zoo. Bring your friends, family and loved ones to this astonishing zoo and share them lifetime memories in water festival. This is your chance to begin your journey to the jungle as many our already making best of its magnificence. The beauty of this thrilling zoo has been experienced by many well known politicians. Recently Chonburi MP, ‘Khun Read more [...]