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Plains Zebra

Plains Zebra

Zebra Facts Plains zebras (Equus Burchelli) are the most widely spread Zebras. They are mammals belonging to Equidae family. They are famously recognized as species from horse family. Zebras have black stripes across their white coated body. These black stripes help zebras to disguise predators. These zebras have threats not only by their predators such as lions, hyenas but also by many human activities. Plains zebras are extremely social animals. As per the IUCN, Plains Zebras are widely populated. Read more [...]

Hippopotamus – The Mammoth River Horse


Hippopotamus This giant mammal hails from the hippopotamidae family. The reason why Greeks named them as ‘Water Horse’ is because these mammals love being in the water. In spite of weighing between 2200–3600 kg hippos have a massive capacity to stand in the water for about 15-16 hours daily. This is precisely to keep their body temperature under control under the blazing sun. Hippopotamus are tall mammals of six feet. Their nostrils and eyes are above on their head which allows them to breathe Read more [...]

African Lion: King of The Jungle

African Lion

African Lion also Known as king of the jungle, one of the most popular types of mammals. They live together with family in group which called prides. These fearless prides protect and patrol about 260 square kilometers of areas. Female lions are considered as main hunters of the lot. Roars of African Lions can be heard from the distance of upto five miles. African Lions go by the scientific name ‘Pantheara Leo’. Lifespan of these fearless species is of 15 years, however if they are in the suitable Read more [...]

Khao Kheow Forest & Wildlife Park Zoo – ‘Where Life Is Fun’

Khao Kheow Forest & Wildlife Park Zoo

Khao Kheow Open Zoo “A country is known the way it treats its animals. – Jawaharlal Nehru” Animal kingdom and Wildlife is loved by many, unfortunately efforts for animal conservations are hardly visible. Khao Kheow Reserve program values these treasures of the nature and provides necessary solutions and enables healthier wildlife to future generations. Atmospheric changes and industrial boom has made city life more difficult and depressing. Best way to spend time in Bangkok is by visiting Read more [...]

Khao Kheow: Bio-diversity Experience

Khao Kheow: Bio-diversity Experience

Biodiversity simply means biological diversity. Living Organisms of ecosystem of earth includes plants, animals, habitats, and various genes that cater many needs of human life. Nature’s bio-diversity treasure provides oxygen, fresh water, greenery, woods and many useful products that help human to stay safe and free from many problems. Man’s quest for food, clothing and shelter has destroyed many useful natural resources. Khao Kheow – Biodiversity Experience offers magical moment, where visitors Read more [...]

Jackal: Opportunistic Hunters


Jackal Facts They are excellent hunters and have a smarter approach towards preys. They are medium sized species from Canidae family. In Eastern Africa there are three varieties of Jackals i.e. Golden Jackal, Canis Aureus, side-striped jackal Canis Adustus and Black-Backed Jackal Canis Mesomelas. Most animal lovers recognize jackals as dog like animal. Body fur of jackal is either golden, reddish brown or ginger colored. Jackals scream, yell and yap when they hunt prey. Jackals are one of the evergreen Read more [...]

Blue and Yellow Macaw: Bold & The Beautiful

Blue and Yellow Macaw

Blue-and-yellow Macaw is beautiful bird. They weigh roughly around 3 to 4 pounds. Wide wingspan of 3to 4 feet gives them good balance when they fly in the windy weather. Blue-and-yellow Macaw comes from the Psittacidae family, which is basically a family of parrots who are seed eaters. Blue-and-yellow Macaws have lifespan may go up to 60 plus years. These parrots have golden yellow colored crest, blue turquoise blue wings and tail feathers. These birds fly together in a group in a large flock. Strong Read more [...]

Zipline Adventure – Defeat Your Fear

Zipline Adventure

Rejuvenate yourself with an enchanting moment and embrace wild thrills in the refreshing air at the Khao Kheow Zoo’s Zipline Adventure. Make your Zipline Canopy Tour a memorable trip; crossing high limit and with speedy rides. Then designs are reliable, strong and comforting keeping visitors relaxed all the time. Several tests and researches are conducted to ensure highest safety for visitors. Practical beginnings of crossing of lines are executed after many tests and inspections to avoid technical Read more [...]

Khao Kheow Forest Zoo: Surround Soul In The Wilderness

Khao Kheow Forest Zoo

Khao Kheow Forest & Wildlife Park: The land of the jungle ruled by the beauty of Mother Nature with treasures of wild animals and birds. After Dark Night Safari: Daylight presents beautiful scenes and sceneries. However, night vision is where the thrilling action begins. Animal usually seem cute and friendly in the daylight but at night littlest thing looks the scariest. Read more [...] Jungle Trekking: Walking in the jungle surfaces is a challenging and fun. Affordable rates with comfortable Read more [...]

Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo

Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo

These remarkable Parrots are noisy and intelligent. They are considered as a danger for cereal and fruits in many parts of Australia. In fact, oftentimes people get annoyed and they try to poison or shoot these loud creatures, however as many such species are protected under the Australian Commonwealth Law, person has to take permission to do so. They are white body with black colored beaks and the most attractive bit is the yellow feathers on their head. Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo can be really entertaining Read more [...]

Brahminy Kite: Fly Like An Angel

Brahminy Kite

Brahminy Kite is also known as Singapore Bald Eagle or Red-backed Sea-eagle. These mid-sized birds are considered as bird of prey and they belong to Accipitridae family. By the looks kites have dark brown chestnut plumage and white head. They have mewing scream whenever they are soaring. During mating Brahminy Kite often perform a thing called aerial acrobatics. Prey on the water are pulled out by strong talons, however these kites don’t cruise through in the water to hunt for the food. Brahminy Read more [...]

Crazy Little Creature Called ‘Raccoon’


Reccoon Facts Raccoons are medium sized mammals. They are largely found in North America. The population of Raccoons contributes largely in the Procyonidae family. Raccoons are omnivorous and nocturnal. They eat almost anything and everything. The grey dense undefur protects Raccoons from the bone-chilling weather. Bushy tail of Raccoons looks stunning with brown or black. They have some tiny feet, ears and handy forepaws. They prefer themselves to be hollow trees and home logs. Raccoons carry their Read more [...]