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Malayan Sun Bear – The Swinging Giant

Malayan Sun Bear

These bear go by their scientific name Ursus Malayanus. They are smallest bear from the bear family. The coat of their body is thin and short as compared to other bears. These bears are also known as honey bear. Malayan Sun Bear is named because of the sun like shape patch on their chest. Size wise these mammals grow just as half as American black bear. Malayan Sun Bears are muscular and they have small ears. They are roughly about five feet and they weigh about 150 pounds. Like most mammals males Read more [...]

Bangkok Pattaya Tours – The Adventures of A Life Time

Bangkok Pattaya Tours

Tourists visit Bangkok for many reasons such to experience buzzing night scenes, cheap flea market for shopping, to taste finest Thai seafood, architecture, temples and many other historical places. Therefore, it is imperative for visitors to get best Bangkok Pattaya Tour Package. Right package allows visitors to see many destinations and it saves time to rest and relax because sometimes when visitors are in a new country, city or province they want to cover as many places as they like but later Read more [...]

Adorable Beauty At The Zoo

Adorable Beauty at the Zoo

Wildlife and photography goes hand in hand. The passion of photographers has enabled world to experience many amazing moments by just click of the mouse. This is exactly what has happened at one of the Thailand’s best zoo – Khao Kheow Open Zoo, when a passionate photographer by the name Ashley Vincent from Britain took few mesmerizing pictures of newborn cubs. These little cubs at Khao Kheow Open Zoo are named as Ying Yai which means elder sister, Ying Klang as middle princess and Ying Lek as Read more [...]

Asian Elephant: Big, Beautiful & Mysterious

Asian Elephant

Known as ‘Elephas Maximus’ by their scientific name. Asian elephant is the only living species of Elephas that still exists. They are the largest land animals in Asia but smallest species of elephant. Asian elephants are smaller as Compared to African elephants. Body length of Asian Elephant is about 11 feet and they weigh between 2.5 to 4.9 tons. Their life expectancy is about 60-70 years. These enormous elephants have thick brown or black skin. Tusk of these elephant is about 6 feet long. Read more [...]

The Red-shanked Douc Langur – Another Beauty at Khao Kheow Open Zoo

Red-shanked Douc Langur

There is something indefinable about the newborns and regardless of anything charm of admiring the newborn is tempting it and they are really tender. The director of Khao Kheow Open Zoo Khun Su-ri-ya Saeng-pong proudly announced about the new born member of the zoo – The Red-shanked Douc Langur family. It was born on 9th October 2012 from the brave mother Chom-poo and father Ma-Kham. The wildlife industry is flourishing immensely, all thanks to the lush green zoos and museums of Thailand, and Read more [...]

Sumatran Rhinoceros – Power Personified

Sumatran Rhinoceros - Power Personified

There are very few species of Rhinoceros that are still fairly populated. The appearance of Sumatran Rhinoceros differs from the other species of Rhinocerotidae family. Sumatran rhinos are no-doubt heavily built hairy species. They have two horns and ears have thick patches of hair around it. There have been times where these beautiful looks Rhinos are shifted from one place to another because either they were not treated as required or the habitats were getting affected by global warming and other Read more [...]

Scarlet Macaw: The Flying Beauty

Scarlet Macaw: The Flying Beauty

These parrots are part of Psittacidae family, who are seed eaters. Lifespan in the jungle is 50 years approximately. They go by the scientific name Ara Macao. This beautiful Macaw will make you wonder how beautiful this life can be whenever you spot them. Wide touch wings and hollow bones enable Scarlet Macaw to fly comfortably. Scarlet Macaw gathers together in flocks, when they sleep at night. The most common thing is that these parrot stays with a company be it in trees or flying in the skies. With Read more [...]

Jungle Safari Thailand: Wildlife Memories with Adventure

Jungle Journey

Adventure is where heart is and when you think about the best Jungle Safari Thailand consider Khao Kheow Open Zoo. The significance of experiencing thrill lies where one gets to engage in fun, adventurous and breathtaking activities. Journey to the jungle is your chance to have best time of your life. Delight will never stop during your jungle safari Thailand because you are being welcomed and cared by some of the most loved wildlife professionals. After dark night safari is an exciting show that Read more [...]

Flight of The Gibbons – Thailand Excursion

Flight of The Gibbon

Get fulfilled all new fun and excitement with every trip at Thailand’s best zoo – Khao Kheow Open Zoo. It’s staggering to see how visitors get amazed that with every visit they find something special at Khao Kheow Zoo. Thailand’s rainforest has been one of the most fascinating experiences for the tourist from around the world. Be part of thrills of the flight of the gibbons and swing across high tree-tops of dense jungle of the Khao Kheow Open Zoo. Thailand Excursion is the perfect way to Read more [...]

TAT Plans Themed Chonburi Tourist ‘Routes’ for 2013

TAT plans themed Chonburi tourist ‘routes’ for 2013

Time and again it has been proven that the change brings lots of good and odd but it is better to be open to change and enjoy rather than be clueless and resist. This is yet another initiative by the Tourism Authority of Thailand to create special routes for the tourists to exhibit the best places. Some of the biggest name such as TAT Pattaya office Director Athapol Vannakit, Chonburi PAO President Wittaya Kunplome and Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome were present and the unleashed the “Tour Read more [...]

Mainland Serow: The Giant Goat

Mainland Serow: The Giant Goat

This goat antelope is from Bovidae family and they were earlier known by their scientific name as Capricornis Sumatraensis. They have sharp horns that are used by them to protect their territories. Gestation period is of Mainland Serow is about 7-8 months and their lifespan is upto 20 years. Mainland Serow prefers to stay around their territorial areas and they are seldom found alone and not in herds. They locate in such a place where they have sufficient access to grass, leaves, and shoots. They Read more [...]

Small Indian Civet – The Raging Cat

Small Indian Civet

They look like a cat and they are yellow and brownish gray by colour. Round ears make them a noticeable civet. These civets come from a Viverridae family. Small Indian Civet also goes by the name Viverricula Indica. Their spine and legs are covered with several dark spots. It weighs roughly three Kilograms. Small Indian Civet is nocturnal and prefers staying alone. They are arboreal animals (live in trees). Lifespan of Small Indian Civet is of 22 years. Sexual Maturity of Small Indian Civet is still Read more [...]