Color Your Life With The Festival Of Colors!!

Happy Holi

The festival of colors is here again. One of the most vibrant festivals of India, Holi is quite popular even outside the nation.  Holi depicts the triumph of good over evil. It is celebrated by lighting a bonfire. The bonfire resembles the end of evil as well as the fire god.

People worship the fire by offering coconuts and other religious offerings into it. This is done on the night of Holi. The following day is ‘Dhuliwandan’, where people use the ash from the previous night’s bonfire and rub it on each other. As Holi also marks the end of winter and start of spring and new beginnings, rubbing the ash has medicinal values.

Colors Festival India

Colors are the integral part of Holi. People smear various colors on each other and welcome the season of spring with much happiness. On this day many people put aside their differences and quarrels and rebound their relations. Although a Hindu festival, Holi is celebrated by people of various ethnicity and religion with equal enthusiasm.

 The vibrancy and joyousness is in the air. The festival of colors has a rainbow effect not just literally but also emotionally. The festival has a very young feel to it, hence one can find men, women and children all losing their inhibitions and enjoying themselves on this national holiday. Journey To The Jungle team wishes everyone on this occasion that may each color bring its positive energy into your life and eradicate the evil. HAPPY HOLI!! :-)

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