Commemorating the Lord’s Love on Good Friday

Good Friday

As we all know the Good Friday is one of the most important days in Christianity. Let us all come together in silent prayers to commemorate Jesus Christ and his greatest sacrifice. The great ‘Son of God’ was crucified on the Friday before the full moon of March equinox, since then every year the Friday prior to the full moon of March equinox is observed as the ‘Good Friday’.

People observe this day by wearing black, holding a fast and refraining from consuming any meat. The Catholic Church observes a silent service in the honour of the great messiah. Several Christian communities organise parades and various kinds of demonstrations to tell the story of Jesus Christ.

Good Friday

Good Friday is an occasion for people to do good deeds and follow the teachings of the lord, who held the welfare of mankind has the highest virtue. People seek the blessings of almighty and pray for each other’s good health and prosperity. This is the day when people try and dissolve their hatred and differences and spread the message of acceptance and love.

Loving the lord also means to love all his creations in equality, his sacrifice was not only for the upraising of humanity but all living kind. On this occasion Good Friday, Journey To The Jungle team prays for the happiness and prosperity of all the creations of God, may we all live a blessed life.

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