Common Palm Civet: The Cat-Sized Mammal


Common Palm Civet goes by several other names such as Mentawai Palm, Paradoxurus Hermaphroditus, or by Toddy Cat. They belong to Viverridae family. As per the studies of IUSN Common Palm Civet are spread across many regions and they have wider range of habitats. Common Palm Civets are hunted in China for their meat. Civet’s droppings help to harvest coffee. They come out at night to find their mouth-watering meal.

Common Palm Civet

Distribution: They are spread across many regions such as central, south and Southeastern Asia i.e. India, Nepal, Thailand, Bhutan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Singapore, Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah, Sarawak, Vietnam, China, Philippines and the Indonesian islands of Sumatra.

Habitat: These beautiful Common Palm Civets are gifted with various habitats. In the places like Sri Lanka, they are considered as dirty and annoying creatures as they litter loft and ceilings of the house. They at times they create nuisance because of their loud noise.

Diet: Rodents, Lizards, Snakes, raw eggs, meat and insects. These omnivores also consume pulpy fruits such as mango and chiku.

Common Palm Civet Facts

The adventurous journey to the jungle at Khao Kheow Open Zoo is one of the best zoos in Bangkok. Visitors get a chance to see amazing varieties of Common Palm Civets and it allows friends, family and your loved ones to have a great time together.

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