Eld’s Deer – Jumping Glory of the Jungle


They are also known as Thamin or Brow-antlered Deer and by their scientific nameRucervus Eldii.They belong to Cervidae family. As per the IUCN Eld’s Deer are endangered species. They are mid-sized animals with thin legs and neck and with large head. They have brown furry body coat that protects them from heat as well in the cold weather.

Eld’s Deer weigh between 130-150 kilograms and the length of their antlers goes upto 70-100 centimeters. These antlers are replaced every year and Deer have the maximum size of it during breeding season. Gestation period is between 220 to 240 days.

Deer Facts

Distribution: Eld’s Deer can be found in Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, India and China

Diet: Eid’s Deer prefer having grass wild fruits, shoots and aquatic plants.

Habitat: In the dry forest, open grasslands and near water areas. The Eld’s deer can be found in the floating vegetation areas especially in Manipur, India where locally they are known as Sangai.


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