Endangered animals in Thailand – Save Treasures of Wildlife

Endangered Animals In Thailand

Animal conservation cannot be ignored. Zoos and museums across the world must preserve precious wild animals. Due to constant addition of global warming and erratic climatic changes several species are endangered. Endangered animals need suitable habitats but unfortunately they are getting destroyed by the name of industrial revolutions and other mean acts of various businesses to earn huge funds against the price of birds, animals and by other natural resources.

Exclusive shows by Khao Kheow Open Zoo such as ‘journey to the jungle’ are widely known for its award for animal conservations and educative programs that are conducted by highly experienced tour guides. It is a great learning experience for students.

Giant Panda

Endangered animals such as Bumblebee Bat, Asiatic Black Bear, Pangolin, Javan Rhinoceros, Banteng, Giant Panda, Large Indian civet, Bottle-nosed dolphin, Lyle’s flying fox, Malayan flying lemur and other species in Thailand–need immediate attention as their population is reducing drastically.

Javan Rhinoceros

Journey to the jungle is an award and commendation from animal welfare organizations for its educational, entertaining and adventurous programs. This allows visitors to get up close to endangered animals to gain knowledge about the animal conservation. Footfalls of 2500 tourists and 5000 students on weekly bases speak about the work that has largely been appreciated by globally.

Wild treasures need to be preserved before it gets perished and it should be implemented at the earliest. Visit Khao Kheow Open Zoo to experience truly sublime wildlife experience.

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