Fish Owl – True Owl

Fish Owl True Owl

These fishing owl go by many names such as “Typical Owls or True Owl”. They belong to Strigidae family, which are amongst the most living owls. They are about 48-57 cm long and weighs approximately between 2-3 Kg.

Fish owls are large birds and with visible bears. Their white throat and yellow eyes looks really beautiful on them. They lay their eggs in other birds’ nest like on the trees, clefts and around uneven rocky ledges.

Fish Owls have other subspecies as mentioned below:

  • B.z.zeylonensis (Gmelin, 1788); Sri Lankan Brown Fish-Owl
  • B.z.leschenault (Temminck, 1820); Common Brown Fish-Owl
  • B.z.semonowi Western Brown Fish-Owl
  • B.z.orientalis Eastern Brown Fish-Owl

Fish OwlHabitat: Lives near water, offshore Islands, mangroves; in most cases Fish Owl prefer staying in the subtropical and humid tropical weather.

Distribution: Subtropical and humid tropical parts of Asia. These owls are spread in the parts of Pakistan, Iran, Sri Lanka and many parts of Indian sub-continents.

Diet: Fish Owl consumes fish, frogs, mammals and birds.

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