Flight of Gibbon — Best Zipline Adventure

Flight of The Gibbon

Do you like view of the jungle while swinging on the high jungle Canopy? If so then Flight of Gibbon is the best place to explore the magical sights and scenes. It is considered as world’s biggest Canopy with 3 kilometer long wire zip-lines. It is one of the best gifts for any adventurer as it is filled lots of fun and excitement. It’s more because Flight of Gibbon is surrounded by lush green trees, birds and animals. In usual case, if Zipline is built between mountains or over the rivers it gives you limited vision unlike the thrill of jungle canopy.

Flight of Gibbon

Sky Rangers of Khao Kheow Open Zoo are dedicated professionals who highly experienced. They have been part of many Zipline adventures and they trains newbie while boosting their confidence. Flight of Gibbon encourages visitors with its reliable safety gears and vastly experienced Sky Rangers guidance. There are things that are advised by Sky rangers to visitors that benefits visitors to have smooth Zipline experience. Things like wearing long pants, Polo T-shirts and Sports shoes. It is also advised not to wear expensive jewelry or sunglasses or any extra luggage as it may divert the focus of the visitors.

For more details about Flight of Gibbon contact Khao Kheow Open Zoo at: contact@journeytothejungle.com

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