Friendship Is a Superior Form of Love

Happy Friendship Day

Man is a strange creature; he chases fame, money, power and even love. In his chase he forgets that some things can’t be pursued but only enjoyed by giving away. These things I believe are the true love of a friend, their unbiased support, their acceptance of your craziness and their involvement in your every step towards a happy life.

Man is not the only social animal to have relationships, in the animal world to several animals are known to make best friends and stick with them through life. Animals too have a need beyond eating and mating. The best examples of this are cows and horses. Many cows would choose a partner not specific to gender and treat them as their best friend; their separation could lead to depression in them.

Not just amongst themselves but animals are known to befriend man and even put their lives on stake to save their man-friend’s life.Friendship DayThe famous Hachi, Japanese dog, who waited for his master for eternity, Christian the famous lion raised by two English brothers who recognized them even after years of separation and returning to wild; They are the perfect paradigm of how animals devote to true friendship.

Movies like Free Willy, Duma, Tale of Two Brothers, and many more have constantly depicted that the bond between true friends need not be dependent on and societal norms and can thrive beyond any culture, society and even difference of species.

On this day of cherishing true friendships, Journey To The Jungle summons all humanity to acknowledge this power of love and care. Befriend an animal today even if it’s a stray and find happiness for the rest of your life. Ask people around you to care and protect animals from hypocritical human societies, cherish this gem of a gift that the world is forgetting, Happy Friendships Day.

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