Frilled Shark or Sea Serpent

Frilled Shark

Sharks have similar persona just as lions do in the forest. Both are fierce, dangerous and quick.  Frilled Shark is one of the rarest specimens of extant shark family called Chlamydoselachidae. Frilled Shark exists in Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Aqua enthusiasts, divers and other adventure lovers have tried to find these frightening species deep inside the oceans. In one of the case this shark had been caught at the extreme depth of 5000 feet.

Japan’s Suruga Bay is a renowned place for several aquatic lovers, where Frilled Shark are spotted as near as 150-650 feet. The body of frilled shark resembles eel more because of the way fins are back placed in their approx. 6.6 feet long body. Usually frilled sharks have been found in continental slopes and shelf. A jaw of this shark is terminal quite unlike from its other specimens.Frilled Shark or Sea SerpentThe International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has sadly confirmed the status of Frilled Shark or Sea Serpent as near threatened species. Expert believes this raging shark has about 300 edgy teeth that are arranged in different rows of their mouth. It is immensely strong and it is extremely difficult for their prey to escape from shark’s unmovable grip.

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