Gaur – Fast and Fearless Bull


One of the largest species of cattle. Appearance wise they are brownish, blackish or reddish. Length of tail is about 80-100 cm and size of their body may go between 8-11 feet. The Gaur is a heavy animal that weighs around 600-1000 kilograms and male species is roughly 25% heavier than female.

The Gaur has horns which are as large as 2-3 meters. They are endangered animals and their population is vulnerable due to high demand of their meat for consumption in many parts of world. They have home range of about 80 kilometers. The gestation period of Gaur is between 270-280 days. Usually, Gaur becomes sexually active in 2-3 years. Lifespan of Gaur in captivity is between 25-30 years. Tigers are the prime predators of gaur.


Distribution: South East Asia, India, Burma and Malay Peninsula

Diet: Gaurs are herbivores animals. They live in herd and search for food together. They consume grasses, leaves, shoots and fruits.

Habitat: Grasslands, hilly terrain regions, Savannah forests

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