Giraffe – Size Does Matter


They are world’s biggest mammals because of their gigantic neck and legs. One of the most striking facts about them is that they have about six feet long legs which enable them to hit the mark of 56 kilometers per hour. These tall mammals prefer strolling around grassland in smaller groups.

Giraffe uses their height to keep watch on predators as well to have leaves and fruits from the trees. They have long tongue about 50-55 cm. It enables them to consume several pounds of leaves. Baby giraffe (calf) is delivered in a standing position.

Giraffe’s body is beautifully covered by orange-brownish spotted coat. They have small but sensitive ears. Population of Giraffe is one of the least concerning mammals as per the statistics of IUCN.

Giraffe Facts

Distribution: Sahara Desert, South Africa, Somalia and many other African regions.

Habitat: Savannah, grasslands, and woodlands

Diet: Giraffe is an herbivorous mammal who survives on grass and herbs. Their diet consists of leaves, grasses, and occasionally fruits.


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