Green Wing Macaw: The Magnificent Bird

Green Wing Macaw

These Red and Green Macaw are also known as ‘Ara’ which means Macaw, ‘Chloropterus’ means ‘Green wing’. They come from the family Psittacidae. They are covered with lovely red plumage that looks incredible on these parrots. Tail and wings are covered with blue and green feathers. Green-Wing Macaw has white face, which is beautifully cushioned with small yellow feathers.

Green-wing Macaw has one of the largest reach compared to any other Macaws. They are monogamous species which means they prefer having only one partner. Macaws have the capacity to fly at a healthy speed of 35 miles per hour.

Sexual maturity of Green-wing Macaw is about 3-4 years and lifespan on an average is 50 plus years.

Size wise Green-wing Macaw are 2nd largest amongst all Macaw.

Green Wing MacawDistributions: Green-wing Macaws are spread across South America.

Habitats: These parrots can be founded in the Forrest, woodlands, and trees, rivers and mangroves.

Diet: Green-wing Macaw consumes seeds, fruits, nuts, berries, leaves, salts and minerals of riverbanks. Mountain clicks are known for

Khao Kheow Open Zoo is the best zoo in Bangkok to see varieties of Green-wing Macaws. This incredible journey to the jungle will mesmerize senses of visitors with its mind-blowing beauty of birds and animals. This is your chance to experience amazement’s of nature with family and other loved ones.

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