Hippopotamus – The Mammoth River Horse



This giant mammal hails from the hippopotamidae family. The reason why Greeks named them as ‘Water Horse’ is because these mammals love being in the water. In spite of weighing between 2200–3600 kg hippos have a massive capacity to stand in the water for about 15-16 hours daily. This is precisely to keep their body temperature under control under the blazing sun.

Hippopotamus are tall mammals of six feet. Their nostrils and eyes are above on their head which allows them to breathe easily and provides good view. These hippos are the third largest after elephant and rhinoceros. They travel slowly because of their heavy body size. Lifespan of hippopotamus is upto 40 years and gestation period is merely eight months.


Distribution: Several regions of Africa and Europe.

Habitat: Hippopotamus are found in semi-aquatic areas i.e. rivers, lakes, mangroves

Diet: Hippopotamus consumes massive 30 kg of grass.

Hippopotamus Facts

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