Howler Monkey – The Mischievous Creature

Howler Monkey

Monkeys fascinates people regardless whether they are caged in a zoo, performing in a circus or jumping around in an open jungle. Monkeys are the most mischievous animals. Howler Monkeys are the largest new age monkeys and they are found in central and south America.

  • Howler Monkeys are the most loudest
  • Earlier Howler Monkeys were considered from Cebidae family but now Atelidae
  • They are the first ones to notify if someone enters the territories
  • They prefer being at the treetops
  • Do not prefer meeting other howler monkey groups directly
  • Howler Monkey’s diet includes flowers, fruits and nuts of different kinds
  • Gestation period is about six months
  • Life span of Howler monkey is 20 years
  • There are nine recognized species of howler monkeys

Howler Monkey FactsAppearance wise these animals have large nostrils, weight about 10 kg and they are about 6 feet. These monkeys have prehensile tail to have firm grip on tree branches and it is as helpful as moneys ribs. They have thick brown or black hair around their body it enables Howler monkeys to hide when predators attack. If attacked in water Howler monkeys can swim to tackle predators.

Unlike the old world monkeys who are found in Asia the new world moneys are found in America. Besides Howler Monkeys new world species includes woolly and spider monkeys.


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