Indochinese Tiger: Roaring Wild Beauty


Scientific name for this tiger is Panthera Tigris Corbetti and they are also known as Malaysian Tiger. The Indochinese Tiger has long reach upto nine feet and they weigh about 400 pounds. In case of female species, body length from head to tail is roughly about eight feet and body weights about 230-250 pounds, they are smaller than male Indochinese tigers.

Indochinese Tigers are endangered animals and their population is decreasing across the world, which in fact is a gruesome concern, therefore it’s very imperative to save these animals. Man wild authorities are dedicated initiating captive breeding programs to tackle this issue.

Indochinese Tiger

Distribution: The largest populations of Indochinese animals are found in Thailand, Malaysia, southern China, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.

Habitat: These magnificent animals are habitat of forest hills and mountains.

Diet: The Indochinese Tigers are carnivorous and their diet consist large amount of meat. These tiger’s prey includes many species such as antelopes, small animals such as deer, pigs, and boar.

Indochinese Tigers

The amazing world of wildlife invites you to be in the best zoo of Bangkok, Thailand – Khao Kheow Open Zoo. Make your visit a memorable experience with the most spectacular varieties of Indochinese Tigers. Add fun, excitement and thrill to your journey to the jungle with your friend, family and loved one.

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