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Happy Buddha Day

Once again the day has come where you can acquire merit and earn the blessings of Lord Buddha. On 17th may 2013 which happens to be the full moon of ‘vaishakh month’ the entire Buddhist community in Asia celebrates the Buddha Day.

Buddha day is celebrated in memory of Lord Buddha’s birth, enlightenment as well as death. On this day temples that hold Lord Buddha’s relics, venerate the relics. Thousands of pilgrims travel to such places and witness the ceremony.Happy Buddha DayPeople flock to temples where religious leaders chant hymns and preach Lord Buddha’s teachings. Giving alms to monks and making charity to the need is the prime action of the day. Other rituals like watering the sacred Bodhi tree, releasing wooden or paper lanterns and birds from cages as a sign of freedom and conducting Light-waving ceremonies at night are few of the most popular rituals of the day.

Lord Buddha preached nonviolence and love towards all living creatures. He emphasized on the importance of nature and love towards speechless animals. Man can speak and express his discomfort but animals can’t and yet they are also the purest source of love and selfless friendship. On this day of commemorating the Godly man, JTTJ urges one and all to love nature, wildlife and mankind with the sincerity of soul and encourage the conservatory work we have undertaken. Spend your Buddha Day amidst God’s beautiful creations at Khao Kheow Open Zoo.

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