Jaguarundi : The Eyra Cat


Jaguarundi belongs to Felidae family and they are twice as house cat. These cats are also known as Felis yagouaroundi by their scientific name. Jaguarundi resembles like otter or weasel with small head and round ears.

Other Interesting facts about Jaguarundi:

These cats are rare and they disappear with the faintest of the noise. Jaguarundi likes to chase birds and other little mammals and they prefer walking on ground but they are exceptionally skillful swimmers. Gestation period for Jaguarundi is between 60-70 days. Life span of Jaguarundi is of 15 years.

Jaguarundi is found in pair during mating season and unlike the other member of Felidae family they are not nocturnal but diurnal. They are highly active in the jungle during the bright daylight. Jaguarundi marks their territories by urinating around the areas to notify other species.

Jaguarundi FactsDistribution: Arizona, Texas, they are native of central and South America, Mexico, Brazil, Peru

Habitat: Lowland Area, Dense thicket area, Savanna, Semi Wild Forests

Diet of Jaguarundi: Frogs, Reptiles, Rats, Wild Turkeys, Insects

Threats: There is no specific threat to Jaguarundi; however as human population enters jungle territories for agriculture and other activities chances are very high that sooner or later it will affect Jaguarundi population. Lack of research and study has caused concerns for Jaguarundi.

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