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Nature is something that happened when we were figuring out what is the weather like.

There are things that can only be felt and experienced when you are around Mother Nature. Life is beautiful when we start appreciating things in their natural form. Thailand’s rainforest is well known because it’s spread wide across the jungles. Tourists from around the world visit Khao Kheow Open Zoo to feel the amazing gift of nature’s treasures.

Visitors get three hours of Canopy rainforest adventure and this is one of the reasons why people plan their journey to the jungle. This typical flavor of Bangkok’s finest wildlife and rainforest experience together. Bring your family, friends and all your loved ones spend lifetime memory around lush green rainforest at Bangkok’s best zoo Khao Kheow Open Zoo.

Jungle Rainforest

Our shows spread awareness amongst visitors of all age. It educates children and adults about rainforests and disturbing effect of global warming. Our guide shares their valuable insights and explains of sustain natural resources. These educative programs help large number of people to understand various rainforest related elements. One could easily spot tropical species and different birds around rain forest and it leaves.

To know more about these striking facts of Khao Kheow Open Zoo’s rainforest kindly contact: contact@journeytothejungle.com

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