Khao Kheow: Bio-diversity Experience

Khao Kheow: Bio-diversity Experience

Biodiversity simply means biological diversity. Living Organisms of ecosystem of earth includes plants, animals, habitats, and various genes that cater many needs of human life. Nature’s bio-diversity treasure provides oxygen, fresh water, greenery, woods and many useful products that help human to stay safe and free from many problems. Man’s quest for food, clothing and shelter has destroyed many useful natural resources. Khao Kheow – Biodiversity Experience offers magical moment, where visitors can live in a stress free atmosphere utilizing. Basically elements of the variety of life on planet earth are considered as biodiversity. Khao Kheow bio-diversity experience is an educative journey which is suitable for all age visitors.

Bio-diversity Experience

Major planning of Bio-diversity includes these for elements:

Retaining — to protect the populations of ecologically beneficial creatures

Restoration — for habitats that are in poor quality

Replacement — for habitats that have been lost or missing

Recover — creatures that are at risk due to multiple reasons


There have been many destructing events from the inception of planet earth that has damaged the natural resource and that’s why we need to save them to battle the scarcity of resources. Therefore, we at Khao Kheow Open Zoo firmly believe in sustain gift of nature, which will help many future generations to experience the immaculate beauty of Mother Nature.

To acquire more information about Khao Kheow forest and Wildlife Park’s bio-diversity experience and for other inquiry or booking about our amazing Pattaya Tour, feel free to contact us at

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