Leopard Cat: The Opportunist


This small wild cat is from Felidae family and is also recognized by the scientific name ‘Prionailuraus Bengalensis’. They are smaller than the African big cats. Body of Leopard Cat is covered by spotted coat. Leopard cat is a smooth climber, who skillfully uses their gifted talent to hunt animals.

Fur of these cats varies from yellow to silver grey depending upon their range. There are many subspecies of Leopard Cat such as Sumatrans in Sumatra, Minuta in Philippines and Chinensis in China and Taiwan. Lifespan of Leopard Cat is between 10-13 years.

Leopard Cat Facts

Habitat: Leopard Cats are amongst the most widely distributed animals. They can be found in agricultural areas and dense tropical forests. They live close to water.

Distribution: South and East of Asia, South and Central America, Mexico,

Diet: These opportunist Leopard cats are smart hunters and they directly attacks prey without much of drama.

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