Lesser great leaf-nosed Bat


It is distracting to see how the population which seemed healthy goes suddenly into one of the most endangered species on the entire earth. Have you ever wondered, why? How can we stop or prevent this? Most of us know that it is happening due to the global warming, industrial requirement, and many other innovative experiments. So in spite of knowing the cause of the concern are not we all supposed to gather our ideas and execute our acts to save all these dying beauties of the wildlife?

One of the best efforts has been displayed by Bangkok’s best zoo–The Khao Kheow Open Zoo, with their unique program called Journey to the jungle. This enables tourists to comprehend the nature, habitat and behaviors. The major foot-falls are from students who are study wildlife and about animal conservations.

Lesser great leaf-nosed Bat

As per the studies by the International Union for Conservation of Nature Resources the population of lesser great leaf-nosed bats (scientific name: Hipposideros turpis) are near threatened. These species are fairly available in the region such as Japan, Vietnam and Thailand. This decreasing population of lesser great leaf-nosed bat is raising several questions about how planet is suffering from their own man made wonders.

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