Let the golden week bring you golden memories. Happy Golden Week!

Japan Golden Week

Golden week is one of Japans’ longest and most anticipated holiday times. Many Japanese offices close at this time for a stretch of the entire week. Due to the long holiday most people look at this as the best opportunity to travel with their friends and family. Also tourists are expected in large numbers to experience the culture of Japan more closely. Hence the airports, railways and most other forms of transport, hotels and tourist spots are overflowing with both local and international tourists.

The week begins with Showa Day or ‘showa-no-hi’ on April 29. Showa day is celebrated on the birthday of Japan’s greatest and longest reigning Shouwa Emperor Hirohito. Emperor Hirohito was born on 29th April 1091 and came to power on December 25, 1926 after his father’s demise. Showa day is celebrated on his birth day to commemorate his great kingship that sustained Japan during and post the horrific World War 2.Happy golden WeekAlthough the next festival is directly on 3rd may the three days in between is also observed as holiday and a part of the week. So on 3rd May Constitution Memorial Day locally known as ‘kenpou-kinen-bi’ is celebrated. Post the infamous colonization period and the war that shook the whole world, Japan emerged as a much stronger nation. On May 3, 1947 Japan’s first post war constitution was put in place. Hence this day is celebrated to commemorate the memory.

On May 4th, nature is the prime focus of Golden Week. As the Greenery Day also known as ‘midori-no-hi’ happens to be on this day, several, environment related activities are conducted on this day. People pay respect to nature and humanity’s relationship with it. This day that is also celebrated in dedication to Emperor Hirohito who was a great nature lover himself.Happy Golden Week JapanThe last day of golden week is on May 5TH, the ‘kodomono-hi’ that is the Children’s Day. It is also celebrated as ‘Boy’s day’. On this day the family prays for the good health and success of their children especially the boys. Families hang up carp streamers and display samurai dolls in their houses. Carp streamers and samurai dolls symbolize qualities such as strength, power etc that are associated with boys.

With this the celebrations of the Golden Week comes to an elaborate end. But as the golden week is just about to begin, JTTJ team wishes all the people in Japan a happy golden week and happy holidays.

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