Love Sees No Logic, Only Expression: Happy White Day

Happy White Day

All over the world people celebrate their love on the 14 of Feb – Valentine’s Day. But in Japan one day is not enough for people to express their love.  The Japanese folks celebrate one more day, ‘The White Day’ on the 14th of March, which is exactly a month after the Valentine’s Day.

The White Day is when the love expressed on V-day is returned. In Japan Valentine’s Day is primarily observed by girls and women. Women express their feelings by gifting chocolate gifts. Although handmade chocolates are preferred more and considered as an act of true emotions, the confectionery industry receives a great deal of business at this time of the year. Other material gifts are also given to show love.White Day JapanSimilarly on the ‘White Day’, men who received the token of love on V-day are supposed to return it by gifting chocolates and other gifts. Initially sugar candies where exchanged and white being the color of sugar, the day was called ‘white day’. Usually gifts of white chocolate, white marshmallows or white colored articles are preferred.

The White Day initially began as an answer to the Valentine’s Day that was getting very popular amongst youngsters. The confectionery market initiated this day to promote their products. But it really doesn’t matter what the true reason was, as love does not see or understand reasons. Love only knows to care and to express itself. Thus on the occasion of ‘White Day’ JTTJ wishes everyone success in acquiring their love interest and a beautiful union. Also you might want to express your love by bringing the women in your life to the pristine scenery of Khao Kheow Open Zoo. Also, watching the playful and unique white lions on the occasion of white day would be like a cherry on top.

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