Magical inking in Thailand: Thailand’s Magic Tattoo Festival

Magic Tattoo Festival

As most of us know tattooing is an ancient art and prevalent in almost all the cultures across the globe, it is also in Thailand. Every culture has some unique ritual or story. In Thailand during the spring, thousands of believers come to Wat Bang Phra in Nakhon Prathom province which is around 80 km (50 miles) away from Bangkok.

Getting tattoo at this festival is unlike any other tattoo experience. Here you need to have deep faith in the religious outlook. People flock to this place to get tattooed by their spiritual teachers and highly respected monks or other religious leaders.  These tattoos are believed to heal and make the dreams of the bearer come true. People wait in long queues outside the temple booths to wait their turn of going under the needle.

Magic Tattoo Festival Thailands

After the tattooing the crowed is sprayed with holy water and go into a trance. In the trance people usually mimic the creatures carved on their body. It is called a magic tattoo, because there is a strong belief that the tattoos hold mystical powers and protect its owner from all the bad luck and harm.

Magic Tattoo Festival

Journey To The Jungle team wishes a hearty good luck to all the tattoo fans. This festival is definitely a greatest lifetime experience for every tourists as well as locals. So come to Thailand, come for the Magic Tattoo Festival and take back a piece of art and memories for lifetime. for more information:

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