Mainland Serow: The Giant Goat

Mainland Serow: The Giant Goat

This goat antelope is from Bovidae family and they were earlier known by their scientific name as Capricornis Sumatraensis. They have sharp horns that are used by them to protect their territories. Gestation period is of Mainland Serow is about 7-8 months and their lifespan is upto 20 years. Mainland Serow prefers to stay around their territorial areas and they are seldom found alone and not in herds. They locate in such a place where they have sufficient access to grass, leaves, and shoots. They can swim but they don’t venture in the deep waters but in small areas.

Distribution: Mainland Serow is native animal from China and Southeast Asia. Their major population can be found in Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, and Malaysia.

Mainland Serow Facts

Habitat: Tropical mountainous, hilly areas and thick forest.

Diet: These goat antelope mostly consume herbs, grasses, leaves, shoots, twigs,

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