Malayan Sun Bear – The Swinging Giant

Malayan Sun Bear

These bear go by their scientific name Ursus Malayanus. They are smallest bear from the bear family. The coat of their body is thin and short as compared to other bears. These bears are also known as honey bear. Malayan Sun Bear is named because of the sun like shape patch on their chest. Size wise these mammals grow just as half as American black bear.

Malayan Sun Bears are muscular and they have small ears. They are roughly about five feet and they weigh about 150 pounds. Like most mammals males are bigger than females in terms of their body. Malayan Sun Bears are nocturnal.

Malayan Sun Bear

Habitat: Malayan Sun Bear lives in an isolated part of the island and mostly in the dense forest.

Distribution: These bears are majorly found in Asia in the places such as India, Indonesia, and China.

Diet: Malayan Sun Bears are omnivores i.e. they consume plants as well animals. They consume fish.

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