Mountain Lion facts: The Beautiful Cat

Mountain Lion Facts

There is a beautiful example of looking at the lives of wild animals. In this case Mountain Cat’s life in the jungle they are wild, fierce and frightening, however when you see them in the cage you would know that slowly wilderness escapes from them. Being in the cage slowly eliminates those wild qualities of animals. This does not mean that animals turns out to be total vegetarians.

Mountain Lions are also known as cougar, puma (Puma Concolor) and catamount. These wild mammalia are from Felidae family and they are (meat eating) carnivores. Their diet consist Deer, Buffalo and many other wildlife animals. Life span is 13 years in their suitable habitats. Life in general for such predators is fearless in the wild but it is filled with full of challenges.

Mountain Lion facts

Mountain Lion Cats hunts mostly between nights and dawn hours. Nature wise they prefer places where they get sufficient room to be themselves and congestion makes them uncomfortable. As per the International Union for Conservation of Nature the conservation status of mountain lions is least concern. They are native of Asia, Africa and America.

These beautiful cats display power, courage, freedom and braveness.

“A cat in a cage becomes lion!” – An Indian Proverb

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